Adaapter is a DAAP client for Mac OS X Tiger.

Features ( Version: 0.1 Alpha )

  • Connect to iTunes 4.6+ shared libraries
  • Built for Tiger, utilising new interface components and design. (runs on Panther - 10.3.9)
  • Bonjour™ instantly discovers all shared libraries on your network, even supports wireless Airport connections.

Features still to come:

  • Download songs/playlists directly to your iPod, iTunes Library or a selected folder or network drive.


Project Goals:

  • To Develop a client and server that is totally compatible with DAAP.
  • To Develop other protocols, such as DVAP (Digital Video Access Protocol) for streaming video over the internet.
  • To fully document all protocols used in the hope that others will base there work on this open standard.


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